Investment Process

Step 1. Funding Application, Executive Summary & Application Fee - Companies wishing to be reviewed by the MVA must first submit their funding application and Executive Summary online and remit a $100 application fee to the MVA at 7829 E. Rockhill Rd., Suite 307, Wichita, KS 67206.

Step 2. Screening Committee - The MVA Screening Committee will review submitting companies for qualification as an interest to members of the MVA. Some companies may be contacted by a member of the committee to provide additional details.

Step 3. Posted to Website as Current Opportunity - Companies that pass initial screening will have their funding application and Executive Summary posted to a secured area of the MVA Website viewable only by MVA members.

Step 4. Presentation at Member Meetings - Companies that pass initial screening and are posted to the website will be contacted to present a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation at a scheduled MVA meeting. Additional questions and discussion of your company will also be included in this meeting.

Step 5. Due Diligence Process - If significant interest from members is shown after the presentation, a member will be assigned to lead the due diligence process.

Step 6. Investment - After due diligence is completed, interested members will negotiate deal structure and terms with each company.



The MVA is looking for investments in high-growth seed and early-stage technology.


Become An Investor

Membership in the Midwest Venture Alliance (MVA) will be extended to individuals who share the same vision.

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